Sunday, 6 January 2013

Let Your Juvenile Impulses Sway

Our favorite 50 songs of 2012 are listed over here.

Of course by "Our" I mean "My"... this aint no One Direction-loving democracy we're running here!


Rachel said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted this list! I was thinking we'd only get the (very thorough) 80s list this year, since it was taking up so much time/energy, but so good to know you still found time for 2012. I don't know many of these and will certainly come armed with a memory stick when next we meet.

mesmith said...

not the best year for the bottom 30, but it'll do!

i'm sure a thingy will find its way to your mailbox before then!!

Rachel said...

hooray for thingies! and hey, been meaning to redecorated!

Shannon said...

Ya! We have found most of these on Spotify and are upping our music appreciation.