Sunday, 28 August 2011

Iron Day

Seven hours into our eight hour journey on Friday I was reminded that this was Ironman weekend here in Penticton. The biggest, craziest weekend of the year here and we kinda just sauntered right into the thick of it.

Here are pics of a bunch of people splashing about in a lake. Not that exciting, but we walked downtown at 6 am to get these shots - so here they are:

Chad and Mini (by "we walked downtown at 6 am" I meant us three - the Eff, the Goose and the Tik did not come downtown at 6 am):

Bikers biking:

And that was that - the first competitors arrived back in town some 8.5 hours later but I suppose most of them are still on the course (which closes at midnight). It all kinda inspired me... then my back twinged a bit and I wondered if I'd be able to walk back up the hill to Grannie and Grandad's for my morning coffee without calling in the support vehicle...


Rebecca said...

Hey, my nephew-in-law is an ironman today! (right there in Penticton!)

Looks like a wild time (like a flock of seagulls, but bigger).

mesmith said...

that's awesome! I felt naked without my "go whoever go" sign like 98% of the people watching.

i spotted no flock of seagulls... hairdos.

rumomma said...

You had children awake at 6 am ?? What is the world coming to ... shocked

mesmith said...

you need to read the fine print!

rumomma said...

Yes yes I do .. I am much calmer now .. the thought of you all changing your ways that drastically was hard from me to handle