Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What are we doin' this fine day?

The second half of 2010 - Part 1...

Music :: We Are The Battery Human by Stornoway


MMmommy said...

You made me cry .. big love filled missing you all tears ..

Merry nearly Chrismtas

Rachel said...

Oh, I finally got a chance to watch these videos (we were without a fast connection when you posted, and then, EGADS, I forgot about them until this morning, how could this HAPPEN?!). Both are so very wonderful and made me miss you guys all the more. Again, and not at all surprisingly, two perfect song picks. And I had to laugh that there was almost NO inside footage and absolutely no footage of Halo playing in the first one.

And the music for the second one (Gorillaz) is very much to my liking. I feel certain it will be on the thingy. Now I'm just going to check my mailbox regularly.

(Did I tell you we lost our camera again? So no videos. Eeek. Frown.)

We love you and miss you all and can't wait to see you and your melancholy hill and your beautiful beach and your wonderful selves.

Happy almost new year!