Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Caroling of the holy sacrificial gravy

Less than two weeks until Christmas and boy are we more-ready than ever. By more- ready, I mean we’ve got the outdoor lights up. That’s about it. Inside the house, space needs to be created for baubles and decorations and even the Christmas books and cd’s- not a swift and easy task. As well, our dusk-time property search last night for the perfect tree came up rather empty. More than empty actually as it would appear each of us has a different understanding of what makes the perfect Christmas tree: Gillian wants a Grand Fir cause it sheds fewer needles and she also prefers I don’t “top” any more trees; I would like something with less than an eight foot wingspan cause I’m tired of being poked in the eye when in the kitchen (slight exaggeration); Effie has very specific and elaborate density issues that no one can understand; and Fergus would just like to get back inside the house already.

Another thing causing mild angst around here: a lack of any Christmas baking to date. I’m not sure why since we never have Christmas baking until a few days prior and, more significantly, we continue to be NABOO (New-Age-Busted-Oven-Owners). However, baking be damned, I’m happy to report that we do already have, in the can, a full litre and a half of Christmas gravy! It’s from Jamie Oliver’s make-two-weeks-in-advance-and-then freeze recipe involving chicken wings, bacon, veggies and herbs:


The result:

Yup, that’s right... 6 cups of completely and utterly tasteless/ odourless/ innocuous brown sauce. Jamie Oliver’s make-two-weeks-in-advance-and-then freeze recipe sucks - don’t use it!

Her: “Why did you make this? Were there lots of good reviews?”
Him: “No. Reviews? What? It’s Jamie Oliver! It looked good on tv.”

Move along, no suitable Sacrificial Pagan Yule Evergreen here...

Holiday Tune :: “Tim is just about to lose his marbles”...


Cap'n Franko said...

Getting festive!

P.S. I'm loving our new stove. It's so amazing to be able to actually bake something predictably.

Zenmomma said...

I miss you.

MMmommy said...

... fabulous post .. miss and love you all like crazy

Rachel said...

I'm sure the secret to the gravy is in the two weeks in the freezer. How are you going to roast your Christmas goose? Or will you go elsewhere?

Your tree search sounds a bit like ours was this year, but you will prevail...even if it involves stealth, as you expand your search area to find a tree that meets all of your specifications. Wear black.

mesmith said...

Yeah, the gravy already tasted better after a night in the fridge. We'll be bbq'ing a turkey.

And... WE MISS ALL OF YOU. How come no one has moved to Victoria yet?? We have lervly faux-british tourist shops you can work in.