Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Getting of the Tree Day

First off - it must be said that naturally decomposing December jack-o-lanterns are a whole lot scarier that October pumpkins...

A shot of Effie's art class:

Yesterday we got some baking in at G&G's...

They had a food bank santa (move along, no jokes about Santa touching Yoda here...):

This morning Effie got me up early so that we could wait down by the road for an hour and fifteen minutes for Fire Truck Santa. Ferg has now missed out two years running:

Someone's a little bit too excited to find the perfect tree (top):


A post tree trim jump:


MMmommy said...

I just can't decide which photo I am more in love with .. Ferg and Santa or super stoked Craig ..

Rachel said...

Wow, you found a tree AND baked? Woo hoo! I leap for joy for you, and not nearly as awesome a leap as Fergus' trampoline jump, but I'll try.

Rebecca said...

Craig, you are one badass tree hunter. Booyah.