Thursday, 1 July 2010

July Firsting

We loaded up on plenty of non-normal-day activities today in celebration of July 1st. After collecting Fergus from Finn's house we picked up some appetizers from the local pizza joint and fed the goats while we waited:

Dinner at the yummy Yoshi Sushi:

After dinner we discovered a park we never knew existed:

There are obviously some bad-ass graffiti artists in these woods:

We found a crabby beach where Effie spent a great deal of time getting up the courage to pick one up:

Then we found the rail line nearby:

Finally, we ended up at the DQ for some blizzards (including Smarties flavoured in honour of Shannon who can't get them down south in Americana):

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Carolyn said...

Love the new (ish? I've been lazy about blog checking (and posting) lately...) format! And the Martha Stewart graffiti -- too funny!