Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The followers of chaos out of control

The World Cup is over and I can now stop telling Fergus he got good purchase on that shot when he exits the bathroom or that, although his drawings were a bit agricultural, overall his artistic efforts have been top drawer and his finishing fanatic! However, muttering to myself he anticipated..... he anticipated wrongly when accidently choosing the slow lane in snarled traffic does do wonders to quell that bubbling vehicular rage!

Wind Soccer :: Sport of the Future:

Yes, we have pinnies now! Here's Fergus consoling Finn after a shot went awry with a wee bit of a good on ya son:

This photo shows a popular monkey game and Effie's pea eating style. But check out Fergus in the background (behind Memet's borrowed bbq from July 2009)... he's nearly pitching himself off a cliff in order to avoid having his picture taken. If there's one thing he hates, it's surprise photos of himself. If there's one thing I never learn, it's to stop doing this to him...

A few days later... here's a picture of Fergus and his Grandma about to enjoy some well earned beverages on a particularly hot summer's day. One point six seconds after this picture was taken he sprinted to his right and cracked the top of his head open on an open window. I think I have finally learned my lesson:

I won't be able, however, to stop taking movies of him playing the footie (he's been watching his share of World Cup games too... you can hear him at the start - barely, through the wind - ask that I be given a yellow card even though I was nowhere near him I tell ya!):

Moving on, a newly released study by EASTERN Canadians proposes that skin to skin contact between mother and baby is beneficial: "Because the baby is being held so close to the mother, the mother learns the baby's signals."

And just in case you’re a complete and utter dolt, “the researchers have produced a DVD for mothers and health-care workers about skin-to-skin contact”. Me, I’m currently preparing a research proposal on how walking on the sidewalk is safer than walking right there in the middle of the dingdang road.

Moving on further... Eff creating a sewing project:

EllaEffie (and one helluva rogue curl):

Rescuing shingles from Mom and Dad's roof-waste bin (to be used on that final long-suffering and siding-less wall of the old house. Threepio! Come in Threepio!


Rachel said...

Fergus does have quite the footie style! I loved seeing him do that fancy footwork in the goal, and he manages to fall on his face with amazing speed. Nice shot at the end, there!

Oh, and...SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! I heard Spain won the World Cup. Hope I didn't blow your whole week with that newsflash. ;)

Rebecca said...

Craig, you have a certain dumpster diving panache!

And I'm very impressed by that sewing basket Effie has - it's gorgeous!

I suspect Fergus may start handing you out yellow cards every time you try to take his photo unawares. Hope his noggin feels better soon.