Sunday, 4 July 2010

Beach Day, Sports Night

Our wee buddy Ella celebrated her first birthday at the beach... the windy, seasonally cool, beach:





Rachel said...

Hey you changed up your background. I like it! (I looked at the same pattern last night...still didn't make any actual changes, though.)

Looks like a fabulous birthday celebration for Ella! It's weird to look at all these familiar faces and realize we won't see them any time soon. We need to discuss plans for next summer, as we really think we (all!) might want to visit you in July...more to discuss later.

Love to all!

MMmommy said...

That's a whole lot of happiness going on !!

helen said...

hello snick-snack cuddler,

our thanks, as always, for capturing and documenting things so amusingly/beautifully - in this instance for parents (who are clearly distracted by other things and people) and admirers:)

be well!