Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Vivid and in his prime

Here's a picture of Fergus directing me as to where I should locate my fort prior to our sword battle:

I snapped this picture rather quickly as I wanted to document the first time he wore jeans (floods in fact!) in case it never happened again. He grabbed these pants out of his "pants roughneck" because he liked the look of the pockets and the loop's sword-holding abilities - he did not know they were jeans until I told him. Anyway, he looks different in this picture - a further sign of his burgeoning development.

The other night Fergus woke up at three in the morning with pain in both legs. A blurry-eyed bit of googling as he soothed in the bath came up with "growing pains" and in fact, as described by the all-mighty-web, the pain was gone in the morning. Yes, that crazy haired boy in the pajamas and bare feet of six months ago appears to have evolved into what stands before us today. Fortunately we can joyfully and fully embrace all the various Fergus' we come across in our lives!

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Andrea said...

I can relate to this one! I, too, would take a picture if either of my guys (ages 8 and 10) wore jeans!! And the two of them have almost daily conversations about growing pains. Yes, the pain always seems to subside in just a few hours, but there do tend to be days when it is more intense.