Monday, 21 June 2010

Duncan trip

On the weekend we went up to Kristal and Rob's to help celebrate Matty Watty's 11th birthday. Despite our luggage, we were only gone from the house for a little over 24 hours...

Kristal now has chickens!


Massive sword battle:

Chilly swimming (for the less-than-sane set):


Mosquito time:

Sam sitting on his birthday boy brother cause that's what Fergus' card told him to do!

Seven to nine kiddos sleeping in a tent:

Rob's Grannie came over for some cake and then took off in Rob's mustang (haven't... seen... her... since):

1 comment:

MMmommy said...

Kristal has chickens .. is what I exclaimed bringing to interested boys to the computer .. who then promptly announced " I hate F***in America and I wanna go back to where our friends are" Followed by door slamming ...

Glad you all had fun .. and wish we had a teleporter so we could make it ...