Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Next Level

Effie joined a Saturday afternoon Pokémon league yesterday, something she scoped out and followed through with on her own. This is an intriguing development as we're not exactly joiners at this point in our lives. But she was very determined to advance to the next level of this game she adores and studies so much, so off she went to join far more experienced strangers in a series of battles. When she returned home, Effie was very excited to tell me that each player plays five games and you get two points for a win and one point for a lose and that she had won five points! The points get counted toward some free cards so the added motivation is there for her.

An afternoon of playing was followed by an evening of deck-rebuilding and card searching on the web:


Rachel said...

Wow, this Pokemon interest is really strong for Effie! I feel like we need to visit and just get the full tutorial on it from you guys, since we still haven't got a clue about it. Are there some specific cards she is looking for? We have a bunch we got from the thrift store, and I'm guessing they are not anything special, but on the off-chance that they are just what Effie is looking for, I'd be delighted to send them your way. :) (Act fast, before we finally decide to find out what all the Pokemon fuss is about, hee hee.)

Rebecca said...

I feel like a tutorial is needed, too.

Plus, some personal shoppers in attendance when I hit the game store looking for someone's b-day prizes.

And I'm super impressed at Effie braving all that male energy (look, I refrained from saying "nerd herd"). She seriously rocks.