Saturday, 6 March 2010

Star spotting...

at the Paralympic Games torch relay and other sunny day activities...

John Furlong

Torch entering the inner harbour via dragon boat:

From right to left: torch bearer; Lieutenant Governor (with Hudson's Bay scarf!); dude who hangs out with the Lieutenant Governor all day looking regal; some politician:

Rick Hansen:

Nothing to do with the Olympics, but what the heckfire is up with these people who sit and stare at something called Keno all day long in malls?

Out for a walk at Grandma and Grandpa's:

Ferg had a date to make peanut butter cookies with Grandma:


Rebecca said...

"Some politician" - Bwa ha ha. Excellent.

Did you see him waving his flag at the closing ceremonies? He was most enthusiastic (which actually was a rather nice contrast to the autonotom PM with the plastic hair).

Wish I'd been paying attention to the Paraolympic torch thingy - looks far less crowded and A. would have been into it, although we are still in Olympic Recovery mode.

Love the pictures with Rick. He seems like such a nice man.

MMmommy said...

wow so cool !!!!

Rachel said...

Oh, yay! This looks like it was so fun, and the weather looks fabulous! I'm so glad you did it.