Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The pyro machine and other goings on

We’ll Fire Up
Apparently Effie went through no fewer than 200 matches the other day trying to start a fire in the rain. There’s got to be a Scout badge in there somewhere!

Happy is this hero never needing a throne
Ever since his trip to my office, Fergus is more intrigued with what I do than ever. Or maybe that’s more philosophical: “Good night Dad, have fun at the office tomorrow - not that you can” is what he says to me at bedtime now. He also goes on about all the breaks I apparently have. Also…
Ferg: “So, what do you do at the office Dad?”
Me: “You saw that spreadsheet on my computer right? I work with numbers and I also write some words.”
Ferg: “But what do the words SAY?”
Me: “Well, I work on...”
Ferg: “BORING”.... “You should stay home with us.”

At Grandpa's 75th b'day party

New Music
Since the furrowed brow (music blog) would appear to be on hiatus due to inspiration/ lazy-based reasons, I hereby present the Musical Recommendations O' The Day:

YACHT - See Mystery Lights... an album chock full of hearty goodness.
Video :: The Afterlife by YACHT

Love Is All - Ten Thousand & Ten Injuries... Shouty n' Swedish.
Video :: Kungen by Love Is All

Off Topic
A homeschooling family up the road from us recently went into the SPCA to adopt a dog. When going through the process they were told that they did not qualify since they were homeschoolers and therefore would be home all the time. Huh? I can’t imagine losing that argument but apparently they left empty handed. There’s got to be more to this than that.


MMmommy said...

.. our days have included some play that involves getting the apple store ready for people to buy IPADS

MMmommy said...

I also thought it worth mentioning that Effie looks as though she has aged a good 2 years since we last saw here ..

... and I am curious to see if there is more to the dog story .. cause that reasoning is down right ridiculous

Carolyn said...

Love the fire story...building fires is also a big thing here lately (as is playing in wax...).