Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Artful Dodger

For months and months Fergus has been trekking all the way across Greater Victoria in the car twice a week so that Effie can attend her art and doll making classes. He does enjoy heading to the beach or the playground while Effie is busy but you gotta know that for a homebody like Fergus, this has been quite an unselfish commitment. Recently we learned that Fergus wished that he too could go to art class and “why was it just for girls anyway” (good question!). So Effie had an idea. And it was with great excitement and anticipation that Fergus began taking an art class of his own - taught by none other than his generous sister.

Included in his first lesson was step by step instruction on how to draw a palm tree:

1 comment:

MMmommy said...

... LOVE IT !!!

We will take some real life palm tree photos soon and send them to Fergus if he cares to draw them again!