Monday, 23 March 2009

Weekend Wrap

Reason no. 748 why we love travelling to Everett :: articulate, bright, curious, funny… teenagers people in the 13 to 19 year-old range, who give of themselves completely, are there waiting for us:

Their parents are pretty darn fun too...

It's... Team ChloEffie (as described by Ronnie here)

Between Ferg’s love of concoctions and a couple nights of Margarita Madness, we gave Frank and Ronnie’s blender a good work out. It had been warned. Fergus was strangely unwilling to make a solo run to the Safeway when tipsy, mildly annoying adults ran out of limeade. Then there's Frank, obviously confused and believing there were more than eight of us:

We moaned a bit this trip about the sorry state of our dollar against that of the States. Although we did go to two favourite haunts, Target and Trader Joe’s (while Fergus and Frank gladly stayed home making concoctions, eating Pez and building lego), shopping was kept to a minimum. And Gillian even gave me major stink eye (and stink mouth!) for my unavailable-in-Canada stockpiling of freeze dried mango. But (BUT), even with an exchange rate hovering at about 80 cents on the dollar, we saved over $10 filling up on gas on the other side of the border. Go figure.

Upon returning home, Ferg quickly slid into - something Ronnie showed him just as we were leaving.


Zenmomma said...

When we grow up I hope we're as cool as the Maiers so you'll come visit us too. *G* we'll be as cool as the Maiers. Because that's pretty damn cool.

CiaoBella! said...

Thanks for all the great pictures of my granddaughters and daughter Ronnie and Frank, along with Effie and Fergus. I love your blog and your family!

gail said...

I could feel the fun!! Wish we were closer to hang out too.

Ronnie said...

We're lonely. Come back!