Monday, 30 March 2009

Avatar comes to life

Yesterday we ran about “kicking some Fire Nation butt”. After a rainy week spent indoors playing barbies with Effie, Ferg took control of things for a sunny, outdoor Avatar battle. Smellerbee (Dad) and Longshot (Eff) played the roles of henchman and minion to Jet (Ferg) and his elaborate plans. In Avatar, Jet is a sword-wielding vigilante and leader of the Freedom Fighters, a group of kids who are out to seek revenge for the horrors that the Fire Nation has brought against them and their families. I had to look this up. Here’s Fergus channelling Aang, The Avatar, prior to battle:

First Jet drew the four symbols of fire, water, air and earth in the fresh sand as well as some sort of map of the route we were to take (The sandbox was filled with fresh sand recently and just before Fergus informed me that he no longer played in sandboxes but that it could still be used by younger, visiting kids!).

After the plans were drawn, we all had to hide and wait for his various complex hand signals to tell us what to do. I admit to not paying full attention as I once attacked when I had in fact been ordered to retreat. Major faux pas there but luckily we all were given more than one life. I was also limited by my inability to ride my mode of transport (skateboard) on the grass and not being able to fit into the attack launcher (swing). But apparently it is not all about me and a fun and bloody time was had by all.

We are all things Avatar lately - even Grandpa’s birthday present wrapping paper got the Avatar treatment. Ferg and I have been engaged in an exciting Avatar Wii game for about a month. It is pretty nifty how these two-person games teach you cooperative strategies. And by “you” I mean “me” and I am a slow learner and an inpatient and frustrated gamer. Ferg has meditative qualities about him when playing and has no problems being cooperative. He is teaching me a lot and as he always says “you know what they say Dad, try, try again”.


kelli said...

I truly believe they learn such patience and persistence from their video games, I'm usually the frustrated one.
Did you know that M Night Shyamalan is making a Last Airbender movie?

Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

We love Avatar here too, lots of Avatar role playing as well. My Livie loves to draw and have drawn Ang's arrows on her hands, feet and forehead quite often. Looks like a great spot to play! I didn't know Wii had Avatar, will have to check that out : )

mesmith said...

Kelli - did not know that. Excellent - could be good.
Mandy - There are 3 Avatar wii games (representing all three books). We have the second one - Burning Earth. all I know is that in the first one you can not play two-person. We've tried the first one and it is not as fun. In "Burning Earth" you solve puzzles, do lots of bending and beat up a lot of Fire Nation guys. Kinda similar idea to Lego batman/ indy/ star wars.

Rachel said...

wow, maybe we need to start with the wii game and then work our way up to the movies, as we have done with indy and batman... ? still no interest in avatar from these boys, but a wii game might just spark it. or a visit with you guys...

Heart Rockin Mama said...

We, too, have spent many hours playing "avatar real life"! I didn't know about the movie, either. That will be great news to tell the kids :) We will definately check out the Wii game, too.

I have to say I totally get why they love it. Drew and I really like the show, too. Better than so much thats out there!

Looks like a fun time!