Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Ferg is the king of the knee holes (well, both kids are actually… and I admit to cropping out Effie’s shining knees recently in a photo sent to their A.Nut). Somehow he must overcompensate with his right leg because that’s where the holes always originate. This doesn’t bother him but Effie recently decided to get out her scrap pieces of fabric and fashion him some patches. We thought she was making a quilt at first, since she had cut out so many uniform pieces, but I guess she had hatched this plan with Ferg ahead of time because he seemed quite keen to contribute some suggestions. Effie’s first creation was a sewn together Indiana Jones-themed patch.

Afterward, Fergus thanked Effie and then informed her that, although it was “cool”, he wasn’t quite ready to patch up his knee holes.

This is where the shiny, happy post was to end off with a photo of the elegantly crafted patch (complete with beads!). But the next day Fergus got out the scissors and demolished it. And so it goes.

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