Thursday, 19 February 2009

Warm sunny day walk

Down the trail from our house, we veered off course a bit, found a disused path at the top of the waterfall and came upon an old tree fort/ rope swing/ bench setup. But I've already given away too much - its location is now a secret.

Racing on the old soccer field:


Eff checking out the abundant supply of clay in the creek bed:

Super secret cool fun spot:


Beachbum said...

I have now written those directions down so I can find it later!

Miss you all. Only 2 more months till we can get our fix...

Rachel said...

I love the sun in that shot of Effie. Makes me feel warm. And is that an old fort/tree house in the background in your secret spot pic?

mesmith said...

A rather well-seasoned tree fort. We have "plans" to secretly bring some fresh wood and fix er up.