Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Begruvi Weekend

Our household increased to 18 and a half persons this weekend. Yikes! Lots of laughs and lots of bacon - just another typical unschoolers get together then:

The boys playing Outdoor Challenge

Pucky in ju-jube heaven

Ju-jube hat

Ferg shows Meah his skillz


Nothing cuter than kiddos passing out Valentines

Morning wii

Only one head injury every 5 minutes... not bad

Yum - warm sun

Forest Star Wars


Zenmomma said...

Um, jealous. :-(

helen said...

thank you for hosting! awesome weekend. thanks!

Rachel said...

oh, that looks like so much fun! i still want to see the evidence of all 18 and a half people sleeping in your house, though. where is the video walk-through of the sleeping quarters? ;)

balloonatikmama said...

Rachel: 2 in your room down, 2 in your room up in the loft, 3 in the middle (computer) room down, 2 in the middle room up in the loft, 5.5 downstairs on foldout couch and extra mattresses, 4 in our room (3 in the king bed, one in the bottom bunk).

But that feat required many days of clearing out and redistributing, so no one could actually walk safely into the laundry room, and the top bunk in our room was a dangerous tower of debris, plus Craig moved a beyond-full car load of stuff to the Value Village donation drop off site the day before everyone arrived!

Still, we did it!

Rachel said...

I love how you call it "my room." It's just there, waiting for me to come back, at any moment. ;) So it sounds like Fergus' nightly relay and jumping from loft to bed was seriously hampered? But what fun (and such a good excuse to de-clutter). Must do some of that here too. The contractors have all commented on the overwhelming amount of stuff. We have officially crossed the line from collectors to pack rats (who am I kidding?, we were always pack-rats, it was just not so widely acknowledged).