Friday, 27 February 2009

Beeswax Art

Effie's participation in beeswax club has inspired the rest of us... here's her creations:


Tiki's 2009 beeswax faerie vs. her clay old lady circa 1974:

Here's her reaction to me inquiring as to what her her old lady was made of... "What are you writing? I'll have you know I won a good quantity of money with that old lady... at the CNE in Toronto. Canadian National Exhibition! Not some pansy-assed west coast competition. My mom would know how much money I won. Can I call her? Is it too late to call her? You are not kind to me."


Rachel said...

those are beautiful! i want to play and create with that too! where do i get it (aside from flying across the country to visit)?

balloonatikmama said...

That's exactly where you get it - HERE!

Carolyn said...

Love what she said to the old lady...or was that the old lady talking? Whatever, very funny!