Monday, 3 November 2008

Non non-con weekend

We had a pretty good weekend... Morrissey came over and we brought out the Ouija board and shared some greased tea. We also...

leaf-wall building at dusk

Ferg built Gillian's spongebob lego

Jedi mushroom hunt

On halloween, while trick or treating, Ferg fell smack on some concrete at the FIRST house. He skipped a couple and then was right back in there. Yesterday, during another t&t training session (postmortem?), he chipped a tooth. Thankfully halloween week is nearly over!

1 comment:

Zenmomma said...

Okay that last picture is priceless! Looks like Ferg has a good hold on things.

Sorry you missed the non-con. But Morissey? Dude, seriously, now you're just making stuff up. Who would do something like that?