Thursday, 20 November 2008

Kids are so gosh darn cute

Fergus was showing some concern yesterday for his Uncle Pump’s limited video chatting capabilities. The Hagensborg Hermit’s satellite styled internet connection is spotty at best and the opposite of high-speed so Fergus decided he would send Uncle Pump some money!?! He then proceeded to meticulously empty his piggy bank, collecting one of each coin and taping them to an envelope. Fergus says the reason for sending him every type of coin is so that Uncle Pump can then tell him which one he needs the most of so that Fergus can then gather up those coins and send him the rest of the amount required to make his uncle look less fuzzy and garbled on the computer.

Self-interested cuteness at its finest. Of course, kids are still weird... behold the current front door adornment:

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Rachel said...

Oh, so absolutely completely adorable.