Tuesday, 24 June 2008


One day Fergus will ask for 3 bags of gold nuggets (vile tasting gum in the shape of nuggets… nostalgia candy) and the next he’ll ask for 3 cans of chick peas. He likes milk, is not big on chocolate at the moment, loves peanut butter sandwiches and crepes and most anything starch related. Here’s photographic evidence that he recently ate a whole can of chick peas in one sitting:

Effie’s current favourite food, other than her all-too-infrequent-for-her-liking encounters with lamb, is vanilla ice cream. I thought I was the least efficient Costco shopper in Costco history when I went there recently just to get a large tub of ice cream. Until, that is, Tiki arrived home from there the other night with nothing but a super-sized bag of Doritos!?! Effie also likes fruit and prefers waffles and crepes to pancakes. In fact she’s off pancakes altogether.

All this just to highlight that we recently cooked pancakes on the bbq! During our upcoming week-long holiday on saltspring island, we plan to bbq every meal so we needed the practice.


Zenmomma said...

Yum! I'm coming to your cabin for all of my meals. :o)

Rachel said...

That's from the chickpeas? :) I see a really great photo op coming up with Otto and Fergus on that trampoline, since that's exactly how Otto's hair behaves after...uh...chickpeas...too.

And Effie, Max will be so excited to make and eat crepes with you. Especially if we can make them with all those lovely berries. Yum.

mesmith said...

zen - i thought all meals were communal?
rachel - well, chickpeas and static anyway

Zenmomma said...

>>zen - i thought all meals were communal?>>

Yeah as long as you guys don't expect me to cook anything besides that pot o' chili!