Sunday, 20 January 2008

Weekend Roundup

Funky and amazing friends Rachel, Martin and family sent us a HUGE box of treats recently including some much coveted car dots (as seen at L&L 2007, North Carolina). Slowly they're making it from our front door to the vehicle.

All the cool kids don't wear socks outside but mittens inside when eating blueberries!

Yesterday we saw the sun. It was cool.

A typical scene from "cold weather wrestle-polining"

"Effie, stand over there next to the fallen tree. Stop smiling... its for scale not a fashion shoot!"


kelli said...

I've awarded you an "excellent" blog award.

You can see what I'm talking about at my blog.

Randi said...

Can't wait to meet you at NCN! I've heard/read a lot about you and your family from Ronnie and Frank!! :)


Rachel said...

I like the dots just as much on the door as on a car. Wish we had something magnetic inside to do the same--all we've got is a trash can, and although we did cover that with alphabet magnets, they keep falling off, and frankly, it's just not the nicest place to sit and make up words.

balloonatikmama said...

You are cracking me up Rachel, as usual - nothing like a little poetry on the garbage can!