Thursday, 24 January 2008

These are the days

Blogging, trawling the blogosphere, checking hockey scores, checking soccer scores, checking what crazy shenanigans Britney’s been up to lately… all of this has taken a back seat of late as the computers around here get tied up with far more important (though surely less thought-provoking) activities. Case in point: the Russian-looking fella shown below has been hogging the computer lately, having recently begun his assault on the internet with “dressing up the girls” sessions on His enjoyment level is tempered, every few minutes, by the inherent frustrations of his questionable/ beginner-level navigational nimbleness. Lucky for him, a helpful sister can always be shouted at to run and give assistance to her “sweetie”!

Effie has dug deep into all things Star Wars. Along with her expanding action figure collection (thanks Max and Otto!) and SW movie viewing, she is building up a library of used Star Wars novels and is very excited about the one that “is just about Princess Leia ya know Daddy!” Last night she was yacking away/ going on and on/ wonderfully re-enacting an entire two minute scene from Return of the Jedi complete with subtle voice alterations and everything!

Auntie’s old lunch box has been re-invented as a transportable SW collector’s case:

Tiki’s been busy with a number of projects and, having recently greeted visitors at 4 pm while still in her pyjamas, is beginning to re-think them all!
Ghostly pj’s: they’re not just for Halloween (or bedtime) anymore!

Meanwhile, my “Nintendo numb-thumb” is starting to give me considerable grief. Grief to the extent that scrolling through the iPod has become erratic and unpredictable and has resulted, on one occasion, in an extended listening of Gregorian Chants by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos when all I wanted was some Beta Band goshdarnit.

Currently, I’m having a heck of a time trying to master World 8 of Super Mario Bros as attempts to dodge bullet bills, swooping crows, balls of fire and persistently peripatetic pumpkins proves nearly as difficult as the time I had to battle the mega-goomba in Bowser’s castle without the added weapon support and security of being Fire-Luigi or any extra 1-ups! Bugger, eh? Impressive though, considering I was the guy who up until recently had only Pong, and a smattering of Guitar Hero, on his gaming resume.

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kelli said...

Go Craig and Mario Bros!

I've always sucked at platform games (that's what they call those.. Alec tells me) Tim has gotten pretty good on Webkins ;) and I can button mash or blow things up pretty well on WoW :)

And regarding Effie and SW... you go girl! I love the series. After watching (ok and buying) the Family Guy SW episode, I think Kyra may watch them with me, I'm happy!