Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Here are Effie's top movie musicals of the past year - painstakingly ordered and sorted with loving care and attention. As per any critic worthy of their credentials, she has most likely viewed each movie a minimum five times.

1. Fiddler on the Roof
2. Kiss me Kate
3. Show Boat
4. Easter Parade
5. Camelot
6. Hello Dolly!
7. White Christmas
8. Meet me in St. Louis
9. Singin' in the Rain
10. Bye Bye Birdie
11. Hairspray
12. Anything Goes
13. Cats
14. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
15. High School Musical
16. Bride & Prejudice
17. The Harvey Girls
18. De Lovely
19. The Sound of Music
20. Brigadoon
21. The King and I
22. My Fair Lady
23. West Side Story


kelli said...

Has she seen "Joseph"?

We love that. Just watched it again the other day. Abbi was so surprised from the stuff in it that she hadn't caught before and Kyra used to hum it when she was a baby :)

mesmith said...

hmmm... interesting. there was little bounce the one time we watched it - or maybe she was just feeding off the unsolicited negative comments from her fellow viewers. we'll have to give it another go.

Ronnie said...

Is "Chicago" too adult for her? The girls and I love that one, and "Cell Block Tango" in particular inspired quite a bit of song and dance around here.

balloonatikmama said...

Chicago is a good suggestion - no one here has seen it.

And I can't believe we forgot about Grease! It would be in the top 5 (it must have been hiding when she pulled out her favs). So much for definitive lsits!

memet said...

Oh this is such a great list for the future... thanks for compiling it (but agree... how COULD you miss GREASE????-- perhaps you should just edit the list and pretend you did not forget!)

Rinnyboo said...

I have never seen "Showboat" but we were in Bath, NC, last summer and we saw the actual showboat that inspired the book and the musical.

By the way, I am a lurker here. My name's Marin. I was at L & L last year but I was too shy to introduce myself:)

balloonatikmama said...

Marin, you silly! Don't think we'll be able to make L&L this year, so next time you see us, just barge on in there and introduce yourself - promise we don't bite, no matter what our blog may indicate!


mesmith said...

ooops - forgot "Music Man" too.

Rebecca said...

Brilliant list, Effie & co. I am a devoted musical fan as there is truly nothing that makes me happier to watch on stage or on screen (except for opera, which is sort of a "musical", too, really). Oh, and Audrey Hepburn movies.

We saw Chicage on Broadway - that was a kick (A was in utero, kicking through much of it, which must be why he likes the tunes so much). Gotta tell you though, it will provide your kids with lots of interesting vocab choices for game play explicatives. (So, not a wholesome film like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or, erm, Grease). :)