Saturday, 3 November 2007

Road Tripping V.13.5

Our intended plans of driving through out the night down to Corvallis, OR for the unschooling non-con went a little off the rails when, in the ferry line-up, some silly person decided to notice the car-goo puddle under a front axle. Thankfully (or not), we were early for the 9 pm sailing and had time to turn around and limp for home. However, early yesterday morning the little fix-it man said it was just normal air-conditioning condensation dripping out and that the rattle noise we had heard was unrelated and no threat to safety. Bugger.

So, we started out again and had the extreme pleasure of driving through un-ending Seattle I-5 rush-hours traffic... an unprecedented 13.5 hours to get from our home to Corvallis. But we're here - yeah! The kiddos were troopers.

Ferry Terminal

Rest stop

South of Olympia (I think)

ooooh... Target! We missed you!!!!!

We made it to Diana's in Corvallis.

Marty got to meet Effie's horse...


Rachel said...

You made it! Have a great weekend, and say hello to all of those lovely people from us.

memet said...

What a drag about the false start. Missing you guys.