Thursday, 15 November 2007

Less Mess

This photo is titled: “The light shineth through the windows but thankfully an incorrect camera exposure setting masks the strewn about mess that is our lives (not to mention the dust and finger-print smears on the windows themselves)”. Dot JPEG.

Lately, people might assume we’ve given up. Two examples being the (perhaps) untidy state of our house and the matted, tangled mess that is Fergus’ current hairstyle. But its really part of a greater lifestyle choice promoting unhurried, fun-led, family freedom. Its kind of impossible to expect Fergus to construct his multi-layered lego worlds with cars, train tracks and discarded bits of balloons in a small area that gets cleaned up every night. And THAT hair comes in handy as a crash helmet every time he’s a monster hidden under a blanket and crashes into the furniture (3.5 times a day).

Ah, what a great excuse! In fact, the other day someone at my office said my briefing note lacked cohesiveness and I replied with: “It does not! It is simply part of a greater lifestyle choice promoting unhurried, fun-led, family freedom… so ppbbbth”.*

*Not really.


kelli said...

I think it's wonderful. :)

And the joy and happiness that exudes from Fergus and Effie is proof that it's a good thing.

Linda said...

I always feel more comfortable visiting in a house that looks like someone's actually *living* in it. I *wish* more people would be honest and accepting of what real-life living looks like. Showing only the perfect pictures (I'm guilty of this) and rushing around to clean for company (guilty of this too) is so anti-life and sets us up to expect neatness as a "necessary" standard.

Zenmomma said...

I want to go on the record as saying that I love Fergus's hair just the way it it. <3

mesmith said...

Yeah! We love it too. He did get it brushed today though so it may take a couple weeks to get back to "normal"!!!