Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Ferg chillin with his peeps

Final gushings...

VIDEO Ferg and friends


diana-still-evolving said...

So what is the Fergus Review?? Was it worth leaving the house? Do we have to fly Marty out each time? :D The rest of us have a high standard to keep!!

mesmith said...

He certainly took full advantage of the opportunity to shine in such amazing company and was fully won over by everyone's charms.

balloonatikmama said...

Hey Diana, Effie says "yeah, Marty and MJ!!" Fergus says he had a good time but "is Diana going to bring MJ and Marty with her when she comes to visit us?" Then he revised to say "just Marty and MJ not Diana", then Effie said she would play with Diana while Ferg plays with Marty and MJ and Fergus said "well don't you let her play with me a tiny bit, you know Diana likes to play with me!"

Hilarity here and we aren't even out of bed yet!

KQR said...

LOL! MJ was equally taken with Fergus. Here's an excerpt from her first post-Non-Con MySpace bulletin:

"back from noncon, was amazing, should be jealous, made friends with amazing boychild, got a mustache, took pictures, was blissful.

"will still be blissful for quite some time."

Great video!!

Ronnie (MJ's blissful mom)