Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Smell of Outdoor Cooking

Penticton cruising:



Blotto lazing:

Pizza making:

Fun with fire:

On a day we were supposed to head out camping... but - shocker! - didn't... camping came to us: In the form of two slightly lost Italian tourists cycling their way to San Francisco via Port Renfrew!? Much wine and espresso was consumed as hilarity and good times ensued (capped by their confused looks as Effie maintained her perfect upper crust English accent throughout).

Here's their favourite travel companion - the moka pot. It was very nice of our new Italian friends to live up to the stereotype presented to us in our handy dandy picture atlas...


Shannon said...

new glasses Craig ?? I like them.

And your inventive marsh mellow roasting .. I'm gonna do that!!

mesmith said...

yes, two years old! we love the flower pot!!!

Shannon said...

so much for me thinking I'm all observant .. sounds like it's quite the opposite

Rachel said...

Il meraviglioso fa veramente accada! Che fortuna!

mesmith said...


mesmith said...

ah shannon... you just see through my face to my soul and inner beauty!?!