Sunday, 21 July 2013


Driving with Pucky in San Jose/ San Francisco:


Rachel said...

Absolutely perfect use of that song (and available light). This video could easily go viral, and I'm not even kidding, so be prepared. It's seriously freaking awesome. What kind of camera and mount did you use? I like the details of fiddling with your camera in perfect time to the music and that moment right around 1:19 where Pucky opens up his hand to the cymbal crash. Great work.

mesmith said...

ooh, thank you! you get an A+for the gushing! Pucky did most of the heavy lifting what with supplying the vehicle, locations and GoPro. He uses the standard gopro mounts i believe. suction. not sure i'd trust suction but it works (except the time it fell off when he was racing... camera none the worse for wear though).

Rachel said...

Well, you and Pucky make a great team! (He has all the coolest gadgets!) By total coincidence, Max tried to use his small camera mounted to his bicycle helmet today to make a movie of his ride (I haven't shown him your movie, but will do so immediately). Anyway, within 10 seconds of the promising beginning stunt, he crashed and skinned his knee so badly we had to call off the shoot and run for medical assistance (the bathroom medicine cabinet).