Saturday, 6 October 2012

Teenager of the Year

Happy Birthday Effie-Lou!

ELBM 13 from mesmith on Vimeo.


Shannon said...

Happy Happy Day Effie ! We are so very happy you were born. Hope it's a super super fabulous day. Wish we were there to celebrate.

Craig what a gorgeous tribute this video is.

Miss you all

Rachel said...

It is breathtaking to see Effie leap from 7 or so to suddenly 13, and it feels a bit like that is what has happened, that she was yesterday so small and today a teenager. I admit to getting a bit choked up when suddenly I saw her appear as she undoubtedly is now, but since I haven't seen her myself, in the flesh, since she looked much more like she did in the shots just before, I am in a sort of denial about it. It was a swirl of sadness and joy to see her, so tall, so poised, so much a young adult. And I suppose this is what it is to be thirteen. I hope the birthday is a beautiful one, and that her life as a teenager holds some of tenderness and thoughtfulness that fills this video.

So much love to all of you on this very special day.
Hugs and kisses,