Wednesday, 31 October 2012

One more year

Good thing two year old smiley's still alive and kickin' cause we're friggin' lazy!


Rachel said...

Wow. Now THERE's the record holder. That is truly the best jack-o-lantern we have seen all year, and I hope he hangs in there for another year or two. (Max is looking at this and exclaiming that he wants to do this with our fact we had tried it last year and they only completely rotted and were so disgusting we could hardly gather them and throw them away. We want to know your can we do this too?)

Mister Smith said...

the key/ the secret is to forget about your jack-o-lantern for a few weeks and then just place it to the side and ignore it further! quite the fluke there - not sure what happened.

Shannon said...

That is impressive. Our first pumpkins looked worse then that after the first 5 days.