Monday, 6 August 2012

Campout Weekend - Metchosin Style

Happy Campers (sans Adrian and Fergus):

Kelly threw this up on her faceboy page with some sarcastic comment about the size of my manly fire... but I doth ask: has one ever seen such a beautiful flame emanating from a flower pot? of course not...


Nighttime hoop-alcious-ness (Rob manning the camera):

Here's the incomparable Sastun with one of his lists of games he had lined up for the kiddos. Sastun kept everyone entertained all weekend:

Sastun and the queue for water balloons...

Treasure hunt:

Kelly helping Ella catch up to the treasarians...

Some of the games were quite elaborate - beguiling the kiddos while perplexing the adult onlookers. Some of the games included Zip-Zap-Zop, the King game and Human Props where, in one example, Sastun was a large bowl, Fergus was the soup and Meah had to stir Fergus (all of which Ferg had to fill me in on later since, from afar, I had no idea what was going on):

Eff, Forrest, Matt, Erich:

Cooper, Ferg and Noah modeling the various stages of unschooly hairdo engaged in some zip-zap-zop:

An exhausted Effie heads for refreshment:

Nighttime games:

Even nightier nighttime games with bean bag toss and a pineapple slushy or two:

L-R, Adrian, Helen, Chris, Kelly, Rob, Chris, Skye, Paranoid Looking Guy, Kristal, Gillian...

Water Tramp Lay-down Session:

More bocci - in the shade mostly this time since it was like 28 degrees - too hot for us sensitive island dwellers:

We lost many balls (oh look, the porta-potty makes an appearance in the background!)

Blurry Adrian, birthday girl, Rob and his gang sign!?!

A lot of this pics are from Kelly - like this one of Meah uniquely helping her sister eat a freezie:

Hard at work (a photo for Fil, Jim):

GREAT weekend:


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