Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A church is not for praying

[it's for celebrating the light that bleeds through the pane]


Mister Smith said...

so say Hot Chip

Rachel said...

i was just thinking how profound that thought was, and enjoying the gorgeous colors of Effie's helmet and the sun poking through the trees when it hit me that this line must a lyric. I had to google the quote (and do you know when you type it in your blog is the first thing that comes up?) but then found the source and watched the video with its skateboarding and high diving and green screen fun and thought of Effie riding along with the beat, the swirling colors of helmet and her shirt blowing behind her as she races by. And then it made me wish so much to be there in person to see all of you swirling too. What a lovely thing to make me see more out of both of these things, and to be able to do it with so little words (a skill I clearly don't have). Still, I can gush when I want to, and I do right now. So there. Love to you all.

balloonatikmama said...

i just love hot chip's wee little singer guy and his anti-fashions.