Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Heath Ledger Memorial Film Location Pit Stop

During our annual trip down south to Ken's Artisan Bakery (Portland) for a dozen morning buns the Life is Good unschooling conference in Vancouver, WA I surprised everyone with an un-Craig-like detour to downtown Tacoma.

So, first of all, crafty crafterson had to take a break from the minecraft necklace assembly line...

Then the rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy the amazing 100 year old Stadium High School where... duh... 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed...

I even got a "that was real cool Dad" from Effie which was of course well worth the inner angst I went through in actually forcing myself off the I5 for once.

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Rachel said...

Oh, Ken's!!! How did I forget what could have been? Next year, I think, we will have to come back, as I feel a sudden uncontrollable urge for a morning bun.

And woo hoo for crafty crafterson! You are amazing!

What a totally fun side trip! So much to love in this post, including, and most importantly, all of you.