Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ad Hoc - downtown style in Penticton BC

446 Main Street
Penticton, BC
Canada, V2A 5C5


My brave sister has put herself on the line for a second time to open yet another gorgeous store filled with delectable fashion treats. It's called Ad Hoc, and she's got clothes, shoes, denim, jewelry, bags, and all kinds of other "good tricks".

She's taken a space that had little to recommend it, worked her butt off remodelling on a budget, creatively used totally cool finds, and has worked some sort of private unbelievable magic, the genes for which sadly skipped me.

All this despite zoning issues and red tape galore. It is amazing to see the space transformed, to appreciate the vision she saw in her mind and brought alive.

Just look at it!!

I wish I could tell you more about all the treasures she has for sale - as soon as I have more info I'll update this.

I know she's got some items from this funky Montreal studio: Ursa Minor. Check out those fantastic Modernica bubble lamp light fixtures you can see displayed above the till partway back in the store.

I absolutely love the orchard industrial theme she's got going on and I'm determined to figure out where I can use some of these cool ladders in our house!

Doesn't it look gorgeous? Everyone head to Penticton this summer and check it out! Here the website link again: AD HOC

Love you Gins, I hope the opening weeks are just amazing for you! I am in awe.


Meggie said...

Looks wonderful! Where is it? I can't find the address anywhere :(

balloonatikmama said...

Hi Meggie,

I've added the contact info for Ad Hoc to the page now. Sorry, I didn't know it when I first posted. The address is 446 Main St Penticton. There's a website and phone number on the post too. Hope you get there!

balloonatikmama said...
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Rachel said...

WOW!!! The shop looks AMAZING! I'd like to get me some orchard industrial too (have you just coined a new phrase?). I love the books stacked up to be a table leg, and the art is great, beautiful colors. I think the steel wall looks really good (I know she's still got some more grand ideas for it, can't wait to see the store evolve even more!). And of course, some fantastic merch!

I also want to add that you may not have "design" magic inside you, but you've got all other sorts of private unbelievable magic.

Good luck to Gini! I would love to visit it! But more importantly, I need to visit YOU! xoxo