Saturday, 17 March 2012

It's Sunny

Not 27 degrees celsius Chicago sunny, but sunny nonetheless. Quick trip to the beach...

It was beautiful.

Yet stinky:

And a little odd - here's a close up of the water showing the small strips of paper (?) that were everywhere. Bizarre. And probably not good either. Or you never know - maybe someone is needing a billion small bits of shredded paper for a party or something and had time to dry them all. Then it could be good.

An expansive beach scene ... but wait, who goes there? yikes, it's a... it's a...
(this would be another example of my mostly failed attempts to create miniature worlds using tiltshift technology. Technology meaning pressing a few buttons. Even so, improvement is possible and funding accepted):

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Even if we'd rather you be soaking up the 27 celsius here with us, we're happy to hear your weather report of a sunny weekend. And confused by the related news story of the tiny bits of paper. Strangely beautiful, but yes, probably not good. Maybe a giant box of fortune cookies got dumped into the water, and the sea life ate all the cookies but left all the fortunes?