Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Todd Bertuzzi Week

The celebratory week included a trip to yoshi sushi (where Fergus had multiple orders of yam tempura) followed the next night by a visit to da tandoor for Indian (where Fergus’ meal consisted of three bowls of mango ice cream). Unprecedented restauranting on our part - expecting Visa to ring us up any moment. Throw in some Italian, some more Japanese and Mom's rouladen and its been a Benetton ad of tasty delights around here lately.
Kelly's cool "ugly craig" card:
Pitch-caring with Kelly and Chris...
Mmmm cake:
Sir Todd:

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rumomma said...

Happpppppyyyyyy Birthday . From your terribly forgetful California friends who love you like crazy and miss you tons. You can be sure if we were there we would have lit it up with some sparkler action.