Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy American Day

Here's wishing all our friends/ children of the revolution a wonderful fourth of July! We hope to see some fireworks light up the sky from across the pond tonight.

Today, Eff and I went to check out the marina's ice cream selections and we both agreed that popsicles may have been more appropriate for the heat (its not that hot, we just like to complain). I am happy to report, however, that the marina's transformation from hickville-grunge marina to upscale resort is now complete... we saw sunbathing, non-male, breasts!

Erosion trail:

Four foot vertical!

Hours and hours of mowing/ scything the hay/moss/weed field recently has yielded a decent little soccer pitch for our enjoyment (two and a half minutes worth of enjoyment in this particular case):

Yes, he's only one hair band removed from Sergio Ramos...

When news broke that the convalescent was happy to finally have someone serenading her with fir cones rattling the bedroom window, Rachel suggested I kick it up a notch by going all Lloyd Dobler on her...

The lack of speakers seems to have reduced greatly the desired effect.

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aquariusfive said...

What? No pics of the breasts?
Nice head shave BTW.