Monday, 18 April 2011

Cruel nature has won again

Here’s a recently posted web comic that MJ alerted us to. Funny that someone looked at this and went “hey, I know those kids” (on a ferry boat circa a trip to Life is Good, May 2008). I wrote one of the authors of a softer world and she was equally impressed that her subjects had been identified.

Actually, the reason I checked in with the photographer was to admit my lack of hipness - ie: I didn’t get what it was they were trying to say (pro-kids? anti-kids?). She pointed out that that particular strip is titled “I honestly thought the iceberg would chicken out first” and that her partner is a bit “dark”.

I also noticed she labelled the jpeg “sisters”. Also, I'm still puzzled by how MJ knew it was our kiddos - I mean when did Ferg ever wear yellow boots and jammy bottoms!?!?!?!?!


Rebecca said...

How odd.

But your kids are wracking up their 15 minutes of fame.

Rachel said...

I still don't get it. But how funny that MJ saw this and identified them. I love such coincidences.