Saturday, 9 October 2010

When you look at the sky in a poetic kind of way

Fergus spent a decent portion of Effie’s birthday playing Halo Reach online with his friends (though he did excuse himself from the proceedings long enough to sing Happy Birthday to Eff’s donut stack). Gillian and I kinda looked at each other at one point with expressions of “uh oh, will he be doing this, non-stop, all winter?”

Halo is dead fun and I really enjoy playing it (here and there). Ferg loves when I play with him as well even though, or perhaps because of the fact, I suck. Noah, online from Duncan, told me as much the hundred times he killed me the other day. Yeah, there's killing... but its kinda overrated. There is so much more going on here - such as building bases, an arsenal and vehicles and seeking, being a good teammate and other strategies.

So while questions continue to swirl around in our heads - there was a moment the other night where all that subsided and what I saw was a boy positively overjoyed to be playing a game and conversing with his friends way down there in California. And how totally cool a thing is that?

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MMmommy said...

I so love the sound of Fergus in my house !