Sunday, 17 October 2010

1Up Mushroom

Mushroom collecting

'Shroom spore prints:

Treasure Falls game:

Bead curtain making...

Recent ATC's...

Letters and words...


Broom burning:

Trapper's birthday treats:

Jungle gym:


helen said...


Tattie Weasle said...

Hi Tiki
A long long time ago Tiki took a trip across the pond and met some strange and some wonderful people who equally thought she was strange and wonderful too. Not all of us were good at keeping up though...please forgive me contacting you through here have been watching which is creepy I know and wantng to say somethng like Hi and now have to as mother volunteered me to take over OQ bit from Charlie (Gerken) and I was too slow to say Nooooo. I blog over at Tattie Weasle you might know me better as Liza Helps (not a lot but a little...)

Rachel said...

Oh, oh, oh, those are the biggest mushrooms I've ever seen gathered by a person I actually know. I think you could win a prize or something. And they made some truly fantastic art! I love this quick look at your wonderful lives. You've been up to much fun. Where are those beaded curtains going? And Fergus' hair is growing, making him more and more familiar to me every post, but also reminding me of how much time is passing between real life visits. xoxo to all.