Thursday, 23 September 2010

Our timing is off

Ferg and I have this great idea to make our own mini-golf course. Anyone ever wetting their pants at the sight of a miniature windmill surrounded by smooth, faux grass, only to later be disappointed that said windmill is only for show and not an integral part of the mechanics of that particular course, has thought about how they “could do it better”. With that, and a woodshed full of junk opportunity, and a recent post on Rube Goldberg machines by Rebecca - I have become inspired. And Fergus need only dream of his recent hole-in-one for inspiration.

But Caractacus Pott I am not, so this could take a while. That, and the rains have arrived - meaning the yellow slicker has re-emerged and we’re now increasingly removed from the sunshiney putts of summer whilst migrating speedily toward the weenie roasting days of autumn:

1 comment:

Frank said...

I wanna play some putt-putt golf when you're done!