Monday, 6 September 2010

My features form with a change in the weather

The land across the road is undergoing a transformation and has been parceled into 10 acre lots. We took our first look yesterday by walking up what is now an asphalt highway (says bitter-rural-guy) to some rather "sweeping views"...

Back down near us, we had fun playing on this cool rock which we dubbed The Obelisk:

Ferg coulda stayed here all day...

Change in the weather today... a nice bit of rain and a chance to go check how Fergus' dam is doing (pretty good... pretty, pretty, pretty good*).

Ferg's recent art projects - a guy on a beach peeing into a sink and a volcano-type scene. This is a bit of a departure from his usual "guy falling off cliff" pics:

Effie's "marker-on-white-board" art :: Happy face and "Die, death, evil, darkness" or something like that (just checked... it's called "Black Hole")...

While recuperating from a few colds, we've been having some Happy Days marathons (season 4... when Fonzie's cousin catches the quarters off his elbow...) as well as lots of wii'ing:

*"Curb Your Enthusiasm" reference = awesome show recommendation. Also recommended - besides Curb and Happy Days - "Party Down".

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