Thursday, 4 February 2010

Intentional Procrastination (and more)

Is it February already?

Not only is the tree wilting, I think it’s starting to smell.

So, other than ignoring the fact that Christmas is, apparently, over... here’s what we have been up to lately:


Eff’s gotten into Harry Potter- movies and books. She also is continuing with art and doll making classes. Effie’s art class:

Ferg frequently creates and hands out loving treasures. His signature piece being: his initial/ a heart/ your initial. Melts us every time.

Staging THE band...

Eff's Calligraphy

Little Big Planet is very popular (and must be played within an inch of the screen):

Wheelbarrow races:

A first for Fergus...

Our good friend Mitchel is hockey crazy. We just have to ensure he remembers which side his bread is buttered on as he moves to the land of the Sharks. Mitch has been very influential - even had Effie requesting to watch a hockey game on tv!?!


Rebecca said...

She shoots! She scores!!

(Best tree picture... ever.)

Carolyn said...

Hey you! Love the calligraphy...and just seeing what you all are up to. Missed you last weekend, looking forward to May. Hope you all are well!