Friday, 19 February 2010

All duded up

But where to go? We were planning to head over to Vancouver today but the crazy crowds and lack of ferry parking conspired to dissuade us. So we settled on attending the Paralympics next month instead - the part of the games one can actually afford to get tickets for. Also, the big draw for the kiddos - viewing the Olympic flame through a hole in a chain link fence - would still be possible in a month’s time.

Settled then!?!

No... the monstrous amounts of humanity, massively long day and overpriced merchandise beckoned so we thought of going tomorrow...

But now we're not.

woah... trip-taking-wishywashyness? never experienced that before!?!?

A major reason for forsaking the “Olympic Experience” is that we are currently experiencing blisteringly beautiful weather here at the moment and Eff and Ferg are really lapping it up. They’ve got so many games on the go at the moment, there is no time for frivolous crazy canuck viewing in Van...

Weapons-based activity:

Ladder n’ rope-pull system used to get up the hill to their new encampment:

Sporting activity on their home-made teeter-toter

Weirdness (some strange taste-testing activity)

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