Thursday, 10 December 2009


We are having such a great time with MJ and Ronnie that it turns out their visit has evolved into a bit of a hostage situation. And it’s not just their joyful, infectious nature and stimulating conversation that has brought about this crisis. Both our kids have new bed-mates and are in no particular mood to relinquish them.

So, this should buy us a couple more days...

Dearest Frank:

Assuming you wish to see the swift return of two fourths of your family back over the border tomorrow, please contact UPS and arrange for immediate delivery of the following items to our home: 6 ice cream pales of your finest homemade jambalaya (no skimping on the sausage!), a frying pan’s worth of them rum n’ buttered bananas (preferably still warm), your movie collection, a few of your swords and, finally, that dancing/ singing dog toy thing. Oh, better throw in Chloe’s bass guitar while you’re at it. Thanks. And remember, their car is parked on the other side of the straight.

Ferg and MJ form an awesome Raving Rabbids duo:

Ronnie and Effie work on some doll clothes:



Rafael came up the hill to play some blues and eat cake:

Concoctions of course:


Frank said...

Just fuckin' keep 'em.

But I will send along that dog thing anyway, with my heartfelt thanks.

All other items are available anytime y'all come down here for a visit.

MMmommy said...

getting more and more jealous here in Parksville ...

.. if they stay we may have to make a road trip

Rachel said...

Oh, it looks like you are all having such fun! Yay! :) I'm guessing this is just what you all needed. Hugs to all!

Frank said...

You sent 'em back anyway! Ha! It's like the Ronnie and MJ version of The Ransom of Red Chief!