Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Hunt

Thinking we didn't have a suitable tree ready for the taking this year, I had my eye on a nice, shapely fir on the marina property down the trail. Although the tree was in an area desperate for thinning and the marina deserved to give me a tree given all the environmental destruction they've accomplished this past year, my family filled me with too much guilt to complete the plunder. Anyways, Gillian figured the property in question was actually owned not by the marina, but by the Department of National Defense... and they shoot people.

Last night we went and re-checked our property. We found a few possibilities and Fergus practiced his sawing:

Today... Ferg was very proud to be the official carrier of the saw:


The Effie Tree:



MMmommy said...

You tree is perfect!

Perhaps next year we will have to come to the Mayer Family U Cut tree Farm ... hee hee hee!

anna kiss said...

Excellent choice!

Rachel said...

Success! I'm relieved to hear you were finally able to come to an agreement on a suitable tree. And even happier that no one was shot in the process. And, hey, it looks almost as lovely as Effie does with all those lights on it. Fergus' tree hunting attire is awesome, but I suppose this is nothing new to hear. :)

memet said...

Love that last shot of the twirling dervish tree.