Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Remembrance Day Walk

Effie and I went for a little walk in the direction of the ocean today.

Oh look! What have we here? Remnants of a vehicle fire perhaps?? Look how close it came to endangering the sleeping inhabitants of our house!

Here's Eff with a spot-on impression of her Dad's grump face at the sight of the new "trail-o-destruction" that the marina has plugged in from the road.

This bridge has been affected by some floods and no longer fills us with confidence at its keeping-us-dry capabilities. A good quality in a bridge that.

Some of Eff's photos of the scenery...


Ronnie said...

Effie's photographs are beautiful. She has a good eye!

Rachel said...

That last mushroom photo is fantastic! I can't believe you can find such treasures on a walk from your house.

And hey, Effie just looks too big to be allowed. And by that, I mean in that photo with her hood pulled around her face, I feel like I am glimpsing a 20 year old version of her. Something just seems different, older. Maybe it's just that priceless expression. But geez. I have to remind myself that she's only just past one decade. Whew.

Rebecca said...

Woah, Dude. That's one scary-looking grease spot on the road. Definitely worthy of rousing the whole house/neighbourhood!

Loving Effie's nature photos.

anna kiss said...

I concur! Her photos are beautiful! I love the tree. What kind of camera is she using?

mesmith said...

Well, she uses our pocket camera but she does seem to really size things up and admire them before shooting. Don't know where that comes from!?! She gets a kick out of these comments - thank you.